Day Care

Our Day Care Centre is a Home Away From Home, especially created in such a way that the kid has a safe & secure home-like ambience. The teachers and non-teaching staff ensure good care of the child until they are handed over to the parent or guardian. We ensure that the love and care the child needs at this stage in life is provided in our Day Care and also engage them in different skills-enhacement activities. In the Day Care Centre, they also learn good manners, table etiquette, sharing and caring behaviour, basic hygiene, personality development, etc.

Day Care Charges

The charges for the Day Care Centre are as under:

If the child is a student of BTS = RS. 1800/- per month

If the child is an outsider student (falls in the required age group)= Rs. 2000/- per month

*We offer Day Care Service on Per-Day Basis at a cost of Rs.100/- per day

These charges do not cover food items. The parent is required to send the food with the child, which is kept in the refrigerator and heated up in the microwave oven and given to the child at the appropriate time.

Phone: 7309645445 / 0522 2300232 / 0522 4003803
Vikas Khand - 2, Near Mayo
Hospital Gomti Nagar, Lucknow