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Wise Strategies to Get Over All That Examination Stress

Stress is almost an unavoidable part and parcel of the exam season, where you get to see the nervous and anxious faces of the students all around. Regardless of whether they have just one chapter left to revise, or have already revised every chapter twice, students are bound to feel worried and tensed till the last day of their exams. We, at the Banyan Tree School, ranked among the Top 5 CBSE schools in Jaipur, completely understand the extra pressure on the young minds during the exam season. We know it’s natural to feel so. However, we would just like to let all our dear students know that all this stress is not good for you and your health, and it only ends up distracting your focus from the studies.

Generally what has been seen is that the stress during the exam time stems from low motivation levels, lack of planning and preparation, competition from the peers, and high expectations from others. Once you have an understanding of the reasons behind your stress, you will be in a better position to deal with it. The difference between a student who pushes harder when faced with stress and a student who succumbs to it lies in the steps that they take when faced with that brick wall. Fret not, as here is a list of strategies that we have brought together for you to help you get over all examination stress.

Listen to your favorite music

Listening to music creates a productive and positive environment. It helps elevate your mood and relaxes your mind to enable you to concentrate better on your studies. You can listen to some soothing instrumental or classical music as it is proven to boost the brain power or can also opt for any of your favorite tracks.

Go for a quick walk

Spending the entire time before your exams with your books open and the pen held in your hands is not a good idea. It only serves to raise the stress even further. Take a break from studies and go for a stroll in a nearby park or even on your terrace. It will give time to your brain to absorb all the information that you have learned.

Plan the study routine

Creating a personalized study plan and sticking to it is like half the pressure taken off from your shoulders. It helps you stay assured of completing the entire revisions before the exams. It will also help you be more productive and regular with your studies.

Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep helps the brain to assimilate new knowledge in the long-term memory for you to recall in at a later time. So, sacrificing your sleep in a bid to revise the chapters late into the night is ultimately of no help to your stress levels.

Nibble on dark chocolate

Research says that eating dark chocolate that has over 70% cocoa helps in fighting the release of the stress hormone cortisol and creates an overall relaxing effect on the body. It also leads to the release of endorphins which are natural stress fighters. So hey, here’s already a reason for you to rejoice, you now have a valid reason to nibble on your favorite dark chocolates! Yay!

Speak to your near and dear ones

Keeping all that stress bottled up inside you will simply lead you to feel too mentally tired and fatigued to study any further. So, take a break to talk to your near and dear ones or to your best friend and share what you are feeling at the moment. Trust us, you will feel a lot better.

Stay away from distractions

We bet you don’t even realize the number of times you check Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Add it all up together, and you will get a huge amount of time that you are simply wasting. We understand that it is difficult to keep yourself detached from the life outside studying but make sure you keep the timeframe of those distractions under check and stick to your end goal in mind.

We hope all of these strategies will truly help you to leave all that stress behind and focus on your studies with renewed enthusiasm and effectiveness. If you are faced with any issues even after applying all of these strategies and putting all your efforts towards studies, our dedicated and experienced teachers at Banyan Tree are always there to extend that helping hand. So, worry no more, just give your best shot, and we are sure you will surely pass those exams with flying colors.