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Social Media Guidelines for Children

Social Media Guidelines for Children

Social media, at present, has become a crucial aspect of our creative and social lives, and this particularly holds true for children and teenagers. Social media is increasingly being used by the young generation to maintain and make friendships, have fun, discover identities, share interests, and develop relations with family and friends. It will not be an exaggeration to say that social media is more like an extension of their face-to-face and offline interactions. We, at Banyan Tree School, understand that there is a common notion held by parents that the presence of their children on social media only causes harm and nothing good. However, we can assure you that this idea is not entirely true. Though we agree that social media, if not used properly, can make things difficult to manage. But if used optimally and with proper guidelines in place, the extent of spread of social media has made it possible for the young ones to connect to global online communities based on their shared interests. It helps to add to their ideas of the real world conditions while also offering them a glimpse of how wonderfully diverse the world is, with its different regions, cultures, and philosophies.

At Banyan Tree, we believe that if used correctly, social media can act as the first step for the young minds to transform into the global citizens of tomorrow. Having said that, there is no denying the perils that social media brings with itself as a part and parcel, and all the positive effects of social media can only be availed by the children when they understand the right usage for these platforms. So, here are a few of the guidelines that we consider would be helpful for the children in using social media the right way.

Mean behavior even online is not okay

It is important that children understand that it is crucial to be as nice and polite in online conversations as they are in real life. We advise our students to treat all netizens with as much respect as they want to receive themselves. They must never post embarrassing or hurtful messages, and by no means, engage in any form of online bullying.

Think twice before posting anything

The kids need to be reminded to think twice before uploading anything that they want to post online. It is best to not post the details of the specific location of events or parties, as well as phone numbers. We can suggest a simple rule of thumb in this regard, which is to consider before posting whether their teachers, parents, and admission officers would approve of a particular post.

Use the privacy setting properly

Every social media platform presently offers multiple options in privacy settings and children can use it properly to their advantage. Lock your pictures and profile pictures to ensure that only those in your friend’s list or followers can have access to it. Make sure that you keep strong passwords for each of your social media accounts to protect those from hackers.

Staying safe on social media platforms

One of the safety essentials to be understood by children is to report and block the people whom they do not know and even those who keep posting upsetting content or comments. We would advise them to never click on pop-ups as these generally lead to wrong or harmful sites that can lead to their accounts being hacked or their privacy compromised.

Keeping the online and offline worlds separate

We have noticed that children are the ones who find it the most difficult to separate their online and offline worlds, and frequently, the incidents encountered in the online space ends up mentally affecting them. Regardless of whether it is about encountering cyber-bullies or dealing with negative comments, children need to be resilient enough to leave the online world behind them when logging out and not let it become a cause of depression and anxiety.

We, at Banyan Tree School, one among the Top 5 Schools in Jaipur, have never been against the use of social media by the children but what we always suggest is to exercise extreme caution while using such platforms. Our experienced and approachable mentors are always there to offer you guidance when it comes to the dos and don’ts of social media usage. We know, once the good habits of social media usage are effectively learned by our youngsters, they will keep these ideas with them in every step of their online presence.