Admissions Open for Academic Session 2019 -20

Senior School


Well lit and spacious classrooms for easy movements for the students and teachers. Distant areas are kept for storing supplies and within easy reach. Soft boards and bulletin boards are placed keeping in mind the easy visibility which are updated from time to time.





The school library is spacious and well stocked with large number of books which includes academic as well as books for extra reading .There are novels for all age, books, periodical and newspapers that are made available for students alike. It is a hub for a lot of research based learning.




The laboratory is well equipped with and provide for not only the prescribed syllabus but with an opportunity to learn by doing. The equipment and set up is placed in a way to provide easy accessibility to the students and the instructor.




Chemistry lab is equipped to enable students perform all experiments in the curriculum. The equipment’s are sufficient in quantity which enables all students to perform laboratory tasks. The laboratory is clean and well maintained, with an objective to increase the quality of the exercises and reduce the risk of injury.


The Biology laboratory is fully equipped with all the display charts and apparatus. The laboratory has a functionally correct lab space and layout. It is well maintained for an optimum learning outcome. The live experiments and demonstrations trigger the scientific temperament among students.


The computer laboratory is well furnished with highly configured computers with latest software.The room has plenty of evenly placed outlets and enough space to fit the number of computers to cater to the students. The furniture has ideal desk height and adjustable chairs which allows the students to type on the keyboard with their arms parallel to the desk. The lay out is flexible according to the requirements of the students. The room has an OHP so that the teacher is able to practically demonstrate the topic on the screen.


The school art room is a place where students can develop their self-esteem through involvement in the art making process, having fun as they explore new ideas, materials and techniques. The art room is a well-equipped, spacious, light- filled space that is visually engaging for the student’s .The art room facilities offers wet and dry working areas, ample storage of art work, easels. Students are presented with opportunities to explore, plan and create in the areas of paintings, drawing, collage, modelling, sculpture and clay. Activities are planned in such a way so as to support classroom thematic work as well as connecting students to significant, cultural and community event.