Admissions Open for Academic Session 2019 -20

Parent Testimonials

“Awesome environment, Good teaching, wonderful amenities and individual attention to each kid. It is best place for my daughter’s education.”Dr. Ashish Jain
F/o Prashita Jain

“The overall assessment of the school is outstanding .The teaching staff is very responsible.I have received regular inputs regarding my daughter’s performance from the teaching staff.”Mr. Ravi Chhawal
F/o Drishana Chhawal

“The Banyan Tree School encourages a degree of freedom where children can develop as individuals but this is done within a caring and hands on environment.”Mrs. Abhilasha Goyal
M/o Armaan Goyal

“This is in reference to your school activity.Now school is growing and getting bigger in Jaipur city so you are requested to upgrade it as senior secondary school.I appreciate your school vision i. e .VISION2020 I am confident that by 2020 this school will be No. 1 school in Jaipur and we would be proudly saying that my children are studying in Banyan Tree School, Jaipur.The credit goes to all the school staff as they are putting their best efforts to achieve their vision.
My thanks to all school staff.”

Sharad Mathur
F/o Ansh Mathur VII
Lakshay Mathur V B

“I am very happy with the quality and experience of Banyan Tree School.Although the facilities at the school are fantastic, it’s really the teachers who are the school’s greatest asset.They are working hard to create a fun,stimulating and positive learning environment .This school is focussed on developing an environment where every child can work to the best of his or her abilities.”

Mrs.Shalini Agarwal
M/o Saloni Sharma