News and Events

  • Child Awareness Workshop:The Pre-Primary wing at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur oriented students on safe and unsafe touch, following the safety protocol, to make the young minds aware of their bodies and how to protect themselves. The explanation was initiated by introducing the parts of the body, titled “My Body Belongs to Me”. The safe circle comprising of members of the family like mother, father, siblings, grandparents and teacher who we trust was also discussed.
    A Power Point presentation elaborated the good and bad touches with enactment from teachers on how to react in an uncomfortable situation. The three major pointers were “Say NO”, “Run for HELP”, and “Share with SAFE CIRCLE”.
    The session was interactive engaging children in a healthy discussion.
  • Hindi Diwas Celebration: In the Banyan Tree School, Jaipur premises, the three-day Hindi Divas Festival was held from September 12 to September 14, with great enthusiasm and zeal.On 12th September, inspirational and interesting short plays were staged on ‘Beti Bachao Beti Practice’ by students of class (V-VIII), students of the four houses in which the prayer house remained the first place. The ‘informal talks’ presented by class (IX-X) learners on ‘Save the paper’ were admirable. On September 13, a special prayer meeting organized for class (I-IV) was performed with performances like humorous stage, poetry-reading, inspirational slogans, speeches etc.On September 14, Class (IX-X) had a debate on ‘Priority of Hindi or English’ which was commemorated. Class (V-VIII) presented humorous poem-text and autobiographical poem. The program was concluded by the Honorary Principal Mrs. Lakshmi Menon by addressing the importance of Hindi language. The participation of all the students in the entire program was laudable. 
  • Outdoor Classroom Day: Outdoor Classroom Day was celebrated at the Banyan Tree School on 7th September 2017 for Pre-Primary and Primary wings. The students participated with great enthusiasm.This day has only paved a way for many more teaching techniques to be adapted in future.
  • Robotics Activity: Robotics is an effective way of integrating engineering skills with subjects like Mathematics , English and liberal Arts to make the learning process funfilled, interesting and creative for children.
    Students at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur are learning by doing with a hands on experience in creating models like wheel chair, the potter’s wheel , the sugarcane juice machine and many more such exciting innovations through a practical and collaborative approach.
  • Independence Day Celebrations: Banyan Tree School, Jaipur celebrated the 70th Independence Day with great patriotic fervour. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, Principal Ms. Lakshmi Menon unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed the joy of our freedom. Harsha kriti of class- X shared her views on the significance of the day. The students of the school choir group sang Patriotic songs that awakened everyone’s feelings towards our Mother Land. An assemblage of events took place ranging from patriotic songs to dances. Skits were presented by the students of class- VIII to commemorate the contribution made by our freedom fighters.
    An oath was administered by the Principal to all the teachers and students to make the country clean and rid the country of the five problems namely poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism and casteism.
  • Plantation Activity Week: With the motto to conserve and preserve Mother Earth for posterity Banyan Tree School, Jaipur initiated a plantation drive on 25 July 2017 to sensitise students on the deteriorating health of Mother Earth. Students of preprimary and the senior classes generated a Consciousness – An Era of Responsibility to live in harmony with nature.
  • Visit to Deer Park: Pre – Primary students of Banyan Tree School, Jaipur had a fun filled Field Trip to the “DEER PARK” on 28th July2017. In keeping with the theme on animals, children connected their classroom learning with their real life experience of seeing birds and animals in their natural habitat. The tiny tots were excited to see the deer run in a herd and the ducks quack and waddle along in the water.
  • Movie Time for Pre – Primary Toddlers: Pre – Primary toddlers of Banyan Tree School, Jaipur watched the fantasy adventure film “THE JUNGLE BOOK” on 21st July 2017.The tiny tots thoroughly enjoyed the session as it was interspersed with thought provoking questions. The message on the invincible human spirit and the importance of courage, teamwork and bonhomie rang high among students.
  • Mathemagician in the Making: Priyanshi Juneja of Class V and Pragya Rani of Class VI were awarded a distinction in the International Standard of Abacus Mental Arithmetic Proficiency Examination.We at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur applaud and congratulate their achievement.
  • Monkey Talk: An interesting and thought provoking story telling session titled “Monkey &The Cap Seller” was conducted in the Pre Primary wing on 14/07/2017. The teachers introduced the story by enacting their roles with full vigour and zeal. The children were keen and curious to know “what next” as the excitement was building up. The session concluded with the rhyme “5 LITTLE MONKEYS”.
  • Character Parade: A fantastic array of characters adorned in colourful costumes took part in the ‘Book Character Parade’.Students narrated dialogue to represent their character. They enthusiastically participated in the activity.It was lovely to see the creativity and effort brought in by the students.An invigorating and stimulating session for all.
  • Just A Minute Activity: JAM activity was held on 15 July 2017.The students presented ‘A Minute’s Speech’ on their chosen topics.The activity exhibited the children’s speaking skills,confidence,presentation,use of vocabulary and their quick thinking capacity.The children looked forward to more such activities to be conducted.
  • Story Telling with Puppets: Using a puppet to tell a story is a wonderful technique that can lead children to discover the joy of literature and learning. Puppets can be used “anyway, anywhere, and anytime” to bring stories to life and to spark imaginations and creativity. The students of classes I to IV narrated stories using puppets which looked amazing and overwhelming on 12th July 2017.
  • Mozart in the Making: Kaustubhi Saxena of class V B performed Western Classical composition titled “Druken Sailor” on keyboard for the Talent Assembly on Wednesday 12th of July, 2017.
  • Science Olympiad Foundation Achievers: Shivam Narhari of Class V bagged the 2nd Zonal Rank and 85th International Rank in the 16 SOF National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) 2016-17.
    He won the Zonal Silver Medal, a Certificate of Zonal Excellence and a Cash Award of Rs 2500.
    Shivam showed an equally commendable performance by securing the 8th Zonal rank in the 1 st SOF International Sports Knowledge Olympiad (ISKO),2016-17.

    Elena Agarwal of Class VII bagged the 2nd Zonal Rank in the 7th SOF International English Olympiad in the Rajasthan Zone. She won the Zonal Gold Medal, a Merit Certificate and a Cash Prize of Rs 5000 for her meritorious achievement.
  • Earth Day Celebration: To create an awareness and appreciate the Earth’s natural resources, Banyan Tree School, Jaipur celebrated the International Earth Day on 21 April 2017.
    The day began with a fervor and an enthusiasm as students engaged themselves in a plethora of activities that included an Awareness walk on ‘Save The Environment’, Collage making, Recitation of poems related to Mother Earth, Best out of Waste and drafting letters to the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India expressing their concern about Mother Earth.
    The occasion sensitized the young minds about the need to conserve Mother Earth for posterity.
  • New Session Celebration 2017 -18: As Banyan Tree School Jaipur sets its sail for the new session(2017-2018),it presented a gamut of warm up activities on 15th April 2017 for its students with the objective to start the new year with renewed enthusiasm.Numerous activities were held in the school premises like filling the air by melodious voice by musical activities, splashing colour to the new beginning by art and craft, the budding artist showcased their talent by presenting skit on their own, fun filled sports and yoga session were also part of the day. The students participated with a lot of zeal and were very enthusiastic about it all, be it making a birthday card, cleaning the school campus learning a new skit or a new yoga posture.It was a day well spent by both the teachers and the students in conducting as well as participating in a wonderful atmosphere of teamwork and team spirit.
  • Republic Day Celebrations: A special assembly was organized on the eve of Republic Day with all its solemnity and grandeur at the premises of Banyan Tree School, Jaipur on 25th January 2017.It was a moment of great pride where all the Banyanties participated filled with the patriotic fervor.The assembly initiated with the march past by all the four houses followed by P.T Drill.The students showcased their talent through ,patriotic songs,poems,speeches,tableau and dance performance. Certificate of appreciation was awarded to the students for their code of conduct.curtains were drawn to the event with school song followed by the National Anthem.
  • Zoo Character Contest: Zoo Character Contest was held as a House Activity on 25th January 2017 for the students of Class I as a House Activity at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur.It was a fun filled event where the students looked like tiny animals, created an aura of the jungle and enthusiastically participated in the activity.
  • Annual Day 2016: The fifth Annual function of Banyan tree School, Jaipur was a moment of great pride. It was based on the theme ‘Abhivyanjana’ which means self expression or Abhivyakti . The programme initiated with the lighting of the lamp by Headmistress Ms. Kavita, which was followed by the reading of annual report by her. The annual report highlighted this year’s achievements, endeavors, the participation of young Banyanites in different Inter-school Competitions and winning laurels for their school in the form of medals and trophies.The programme commenced with ‘Shiv Vandana’. Through vandana the students paid obeisance to the almighty. An array of scintillating dance performances- Hum Mein Hai Hero, Chutti-Chutti, Bum-Bum Bhole, Toonpur, Zoobie- Doobie mesmerized everyone and captivated the crowd. A glittering bonanza of various value based skits on current social issues and dances were staged. ‘Bhangra’ showcasing the flavor of Punjab was a thrilling visual treat. The enthusiasm of the audience knew no bounds when they witnessed their small ones dancing.
    The most riveting performance which drew an unceasing applause was the Orchestra (School Band) and ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumahara’ with a blend of showcasing unity in diversity.
    The melodious voice of young Banyanites through the song ‘Give me some sunshine, ‘Knowledge is power’ filled the air with enthusiastic fervor.The programme concluded with vote of thanks. Parents appreciated the performance, talents and creativity of their wards. The celebration was a grand success.
  • Visit to a Vegetable Market: Visit to a Vegetable market was organised for the children of Nursery on 24th November.The Children learnt how to purchase fruits and vegetables from a vegetable market.
  • Food Exhibition: Food exhibition was organized in the Banyan Kids of the Pre – Primary wing on 23rd November.The Children brought healthy breakfast like vegetable sandwiches, Poha, Upma, Pav bhaji, etc.
  • Founder’s Day Celebration: “Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow but a vision. But today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”
    It was to renew the vision of our founder, an entrepreneur, industrialist, philanthropist and educationist, that the Banyan Tree School, Jaipur celebrated the Founder’s Day on Friday 4th November 2016 to commemorate the birth anniversary of our visionary founder. The celebration marked the beginning with the lightning of the lamp to usher in auspiciousness, abundance and prosperity followed by a floral tribute to the portraits of Shri Satya Sai and Dr. Kulwant Rai by the Honourable Principal Mrs. Sangita Shrivastava and Headmistress Ms Kavita.The bhajans rented the air with divinity and soulfulness. The Head Girl of the school captured the entire life, vision and achievements of Dr. Kulwant Rai through her speech. The programme culminated with the School song followed by the National Anthem. To add colour to the occasion a drawing activity for the primary wing was held. The day was celebrated with fervor, zest and enthusiasm. The curtains were drawn to the occasion by the distribution of sweets.
  • Intra Class Sports Event – Classes I to III: Sports inspire children to start active, stay active and play active. An Intra class sports activity was organised on 2nd November 2016 as the House Activity for Classes I, II and III which helped the children to develop and improve their cognitive skills and enhance their personal development.
  • Drawing Competition & Skit on Gandhiji : The festivities of October began on the1st day of the month with the value based skit on Gandhiji, where the students of Class IV and V enacted various value based anecdotes on the life of our Father of the Nation.Students emphasized on Unity is Strength,value of Simplicity and Honesty,importance of little things in life like pencil,clothes etc. that were emphasized by Gandhiji.Some of the masterpieces came into being at the Drawing Competition for all classes on 1st Oct 2016 showcasing the hidden talent of the students.The participants drew on Save Forests and Wildlife,Festivals of India and other themes of importance to mark their creativity.
  • Awards at Pearson School, Jaipur : The talented lot of Banyan Tree School students excelling in the stream of Arts,Dance ,Photography and Dramatics participated in an Inter- School Event at Pearson School, Jaipur,winning two Gold Medals in Photography,one Silver Medal in Clay Modelling and a Bronze Medal in Dance performance. Banyan Tree School was also the proud winner of most medals won in Individual Medal Category amongst all participating schools of Jaipur.
    Winners at Photograhy Gold- Mihir Agarwal – IX, Yuvraj Singh – X
    Silver Medalist- Diya Jorwal – I B
    Bronze Medalists – Akshita Gupta, Sejal Parmar, Ritika Sharma, Jaisal Rai, Labhya Bhardwaj, Tanushka Gupta – V A & B
  • Saturday Activities – IT Club : Hardware configuration were taught to the students in IT club.Mono-Acting : Actor is an athlete of the heart and acting is the least mysterious of all crafts. The young budding actors of Banyan Tree School enthusiastically participated in the mono-acting and mimicry activity held on 9th July and copied the legendary Bollywood actors like Jeevan , Shah Rukh Khan , Sunny Deol , Hema Malini etc.Debate: An Inter House debate was organized for classes IV & V during Saturday Activities at BTS,Jaipur on 9th July’2016.The students of 4th class expressed their views on “good and bad effects of eating chocolates in their life”, which impressed everyone. The students of 5th class displayed their speaking skills on “use of internet in school life, a boon or a curse”, with great enthusiasm. Their views impressed the teachers and students who were listening to them.
  • Investiture Ceremony : Banyan Tree School Jaipur bestows upon its students the ability to the future leaders of tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, the school commends its academic session with the pomp and aura of the investiture ceremony 2016-17. The newly appointed council members marched with their heads and held high to the beats. The event began with the lightening of the lamp by the principal. The outgoing head boy and girl bid a sentimental adieu. The newly appointed council members were adorned with sashes and invested with the badge by the principal. It was followed by the entire council taking oath to the discharge their duties with sincerity and devotion. The whole atmosphere became vibrate with the color of the flags of all the four houses. PT and musical drills, group songs and dances added up to flair the occasion. The event reinstated the faith in the caliber and leadership of the office bearers.
  • Sorting Activity : Sorting activity was held on 14th July 2016 for Nursery International. Our tiny toddlers enjoyed a lot during this activity and they developed their cognitive skills.
  • Yellow Day Celebrations :“Yellow Day” was held on 13th July 2016 for Banyan Kids. Our little kids took part in an activity of pasting flower petals and enjoyed sharing their mangoes with their friends. They learnt that mango is yellow. It has only one seed and it is a juicy fruit. They even came to know that “Mango is the king of fruits”.
  • A Visit to Science Exhibition : Banyan Tree School organized an informative educational and enlightening visit to ISRO at JECRC University, Jaipur, held on 13th April , 2016 for classes V to IX. This was a privileged opportunity to explore the wonders of science and its advancements. Various models of rockets and satellite were on display where some of the models were actually working and the students got an opportunity to launch a water rocket. A small documentary on planet earth and space technology was shown to the students who gained enriching inputs from it. In all, it was a memorable day of scientific enlightenment.
  • SHOW and TELL Competition : Speaking is the delivery of language. It is the second of the four language skills. In order to bring out the hidden talents of the students and polish their speaking skills, Show and Tell competition was held on 20th April 2016 as House Activity for Class III. The students had to select the objects on lottery basis i.e. chit from a box. They keenly observed the object and then described it to their utmost potential.
  • Lemonade Making Activity : Classic summer activity of making fresh squeezed Lemonade was conducted for the students of class-1. The children learnt to make Lemonade in a fun filled way. They enjoyed the activity to their fullest and quenched their thirst by drinking cold and refreshing Lemonade. It can be easily prepared and is good for health.
  • Earth Day Celebration : An Inter-House Declamation was organised for Classes VI-VII on the occasion of Earth Day.The students expressed their views and gave ideas on reducing Global Warming, making the earth greener and cleaner and the 3-R’s,recycling,reducing and replenishing the earth.The students spoke with a lot of determination and conviction.The students of Class IX and X made recycled biodegradable bins using old cartoons,sweet boxes and leftover paper on the occasion of Earth Day Celebrations on 22nd of April 2016.Students came up with very innovative ideas which impressed every one.
  • Treasure Hunt : The students enjoyed the activity. Team work was shown in this activity. The activity was played with full enthusiasm.
  • Saturday Activity :  Life is full of new beginnings and to make it more ravishing this year, Banyan Tree
    School, Jaipur started the Saturday Activity Schedule with a bang. Students showcased their creativity, ideas and energy through the following activities:
    * Under the Science, English,Literature,Ecology Clubs, various recreational and motivational activities were introduced in the new session.
    * Work Education Department held activities like Vase Decoration with Paper Mache and Handmade Paper,Food without fire where Club sandwiches and Bhelpuri was made.Newsletters were designed by the students as a commercial art activity.
    * The performing arts department observed Dance sequences on Rajasthan’s Folk Art and notes on different songs were sung.
    * The Disaster Management Club gave a training for First-Aid so that the students get equipped with the basic knowledge of developing their skills while facing emergency situations.
    * To gear up with physical fitness,Taekwondo Training was given with some aerobic exercises.
  • Sciensation 2016 : Do you know that He and Hydrogen are lighther than the air.If yes,then what is fear of animal and water known as?These and more were the questions posed to the participants at ‘SCIENSATION 2016’ an Inter House Science Quiz held at Banyan Tree School,Jaipur premises.The quiz was held to mark the occasion of ‘National Science Day’ celebrated throughout the nation as the major science festival of India.The competition aimed at highlighting the contribution of Indian Physicist Sir Chandreshekhar Venkataraman and to teach the importance of science in everyday life.
    The competition comprised of four rounds i.e Core Science, General Science,Innformation on scientists and the rapid fire round.The ‘Shakti” house bagged the first position followed by ‘Gyan’ house .Each team vied with the other trying to answer questions that required explanation and roaming.The competition proved to be quite informative,fruitful and exciting for the students.
  • Annual Function : It is our responsibility to transmit the values imbibed from our ancestors to our children and students. But now-a-days western culture is establishing its strong base in India and slowly and gradually diminishing the Indian culture .So it becomes our moral responsibility to teach our new blooms about the rich cultural heritage, vast diversity and uniqueness of their country to them. We should see that our new sprouts are well versed with Indian culture and traditions.
    Keeping this in mind, Banyan Tree School, Jaipur has chosen ‘Virasat’ (a cultural festival comprising all aspects of Indian culture) as the theme for annual function for this year. (2015-16).The theme is appropriate and well connected to the vision of Banyan tree School which stresses on overall development in terms of spiritual, emotional and moral values among its students.
  • Fancy Dress & Drawing Competition : Banyan Tree School, Jaipur observed a Fancy Dress Competition on theme “0ur community helpers” conducted by the teachers for the students of class I to III on 14 Oct.’15. All the students had dressed up themselves beautifully with great enthusiasm and creativity.This activity helped the children to enhance their spoken skills and boosted up their confidence. The event was enjoyed by every one.Also, Drawing and scribbling competition was held in pre-primary wing. In Nursery & Kg class Drawing competition was held, In this the kids use their hands beautifully to colour the pictures . In playgroup scribbling competition was held to develop the fine motor skills and cognitive skills of the toddlers.
  • Adventurous Sports : Banyan Tree School Jaipur, has organised a three day ‘Rocksport Adventure Capsule’ in the school premises for the students of classes Banyan Kids to IX from 23rd January to 25 January 2016. The camp was organised by ‘Great Rocksport pvt ltd under the guidance of their trained professionals. Banyan Tree School not only believes in imparting quality education to their students but also wants to inculcate a healthy living style among them. We believe that physical fitness is not only the most important key to a healthy body but it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. The students witnessed a series of nonstop adventure activities and fun games. They were also provided the tips of valuable leadership skills to keep the team spirit high. Various fun filled activities like Burma Bridge, Swinging Bridge, Horizontal Crawl, Hamster Wheel, Tug of war, Zip Line etc were conducted for the students.
  • Literature Festival : The students of Banyan Tree School, Jaipur got an opportunity to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival on 21st January 2016. It was a moment of great privilege and pride for young kids to converse with the legendary author Sir Ruskin Bond at this ‘Greatest Literary Show on Earth’. The students prepared some impressive banners to showcase their love and respect for the reverend author. The students also exchanged a few words with the author and their questions won a large applaud by the audience. The event was thoroughly enlightening and beneficial for the students who got inspired by the author and got a chance to meet him personally.
  • Christmas Celebration : Christmas is a festival of joy and cheer.Special Assembly was conducted.A short knowledge information was given by little Santa about his life followed by a ‘Christmas Carol’.The little Santa’s of the primary classes entertained the children in assembly.The whole school was filled with joy and laughter.Children were enthusiastic to celebrate this function.
  • Exhibition at School : Exhibition at Banyan Tree School,Jaipur in the campus showcased the creativity and knowledge of the students of classes VI-IX with projects on language( Hindi & English),Science,S.ST,Maths,Art&Craft which was visited by students classwise.The entire school was beautifully decorated by the teachers with the support of students.All enjoyed the day with full zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Founder’s Day : On the culmination day of spectrum’15,there was joy and celebration week various activities were conducted in our esteemed school for the parents . All the participating parent displayed their creativity, art and knowledge and participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. They enjoyed activities like Pot painting, Rangoli making, drawing and painting and Quiz session based on theme ‘Our Country’. As a token of appreciation , parents were awarded for their outstanding performances.
  • Dandiya Night : Dandiya Night was celebrated at Banyan Tree Campus,Jaipur with parents,Students and staff with great zeal and enthsiasm. It was appreciated by all.
  • “Joy Of Giving” Week : The “Joy Of Giving” week was celebrated in Banyan Tree School from 5th Oct’15 to 9th Oct’15.This week is celebrated on an annual basis to inspire the students to care and share for the people in need.It also inculcates the habit of giving among the students to bring a little smile on someone’s face.The students participated in this endeavor with full enthusiasm.
  • Clay Moulding : Clay Moulding day was celebrated in Banyan Tree School, Jaipur. It was held in pre – primary wing where our little blooming buds showed their creativity on clay by different things.
    It was a moment of great joy for them as their efforts were appreciated and given gifts.



  • Interhouse street play (Beti Bachao Beti Padhao) ( V – VIII) –  2nd September 2017
  • Talk Show (Save Paper Campaign) ( IX – XI) – 2nd September 2017
  • Veggie Costume Show ( I- IV) – 6th September 2017
  • Khilkhilahat – Interhouse Hasya Kavita Pratiyogita( V- VIII) – 7 – 14th September 2017
  • Vaad – Vivad Pratiyogita – Hindi Week ( IX – X)- 7 – 14th September 2017
  • Shrutilekh Pratiyogita ( I- II)- 13th September 2017
  • Kavita Pratiyogita ( III- IV)- 13th September 2017
  • Explosion (Fun Filled Game) (I – IV) – 20th September 2017
  • Card Making for Grandparents (I – IV) – 27th September 2017


  • Quizoholic – Father of the Nation ( I- IV) – 4th October 2017
  • Poster making “No to Fire Crackers” / Green Diwali  ( I- IV) – 11th October 2017
  • Sports Activities ( I- IV) – 25th October 2017