Admissions Open for Academic Session 2019 -20

News and Events

  • Founder’s Day: 
    The 94th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Kulwant Rai, the founder and Chairperson of the Banyan Tree School was celebrated with much enthusiasm in the school. The day began with the tribute to Dr.Kulwant Rai and the lightening of lamp by the Principal Ms.Madhulika Singh. The assembly commenced with Saraswati Vandana and the Shloka Chanting. The vision of Dr.Kulwant Rai was shared among the students. To add up the fervor to the day a plethora of activities were organized for the students of Pre-primary to XI where each child showcased their talent and interest. The Pre-primary wing took the initiative to organize Mother Kid activity on the vision of Teacher – Parent connectivity so as to enhance the bond between the mother and child. Mrs.Madhulika Singh, the Principal in her address mentioned Dr.Kulwant Rai’s vision and passion for education. The students were asked to follow his vision of Philanthropy.
    The chocolates were distributed to the students of Banyan Tree School,Jaipur .The program concluded with the chanting of Bhajan and acknowledge his contribution, gratitude and respect.

  • Children’s Day: 
    Children’s Day was celebrated at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur with great enthusiasm. The celebrations began with a special assembly conducted by teachers. The prayer as followed by parody dance and mimicry by the teachers. Keenly contested Antakashari Contest between teachers and students was also held. The programme concluded with the Principal Mam’s address to the students.
    Various activities and events were organized. Classes I to XI observed an Art Mela on the theme “National Education Day” where the children showcased their creativity by making cards (I – IV) and Slogans (V – VIII) and Banners (IX – XI).
    The Pre Primary kids had a fun filled day enjoying activities on their sensory development.
    The dance party for the kids added fervor to the day. Overall it was a fun filled day for the children.

  • Hindi Sulekh Lekhan and ‘Bal Kavi Sammelan’: 
    Hindi Sulekh Lekhan and ‘ Bal Kavi Sammelan’ was organised  for classes I and II and III and IV respectively in Banyan Tree School Jaipur. The students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm and recited on the various relevant topics like “Teachers day” “ Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao” and “Rashtrabhasha Hindi”.The winners of Bal Kavi Sammelan are1st Kalpit Bhandari , 2nd Jayesh Bhaal  and 3rd Rohitashwa Goyal   from class III and 1st  Shivansh Rai , 2nd Jainam Jain and 3rd Anushka Jain  from class IV. Hindi Sulekh  Lekhan  was organised for the younger children of classes I and II, the objective was to instill among them the necessity to develop, clarity and speed in their writing skill which was satisfactorily achieved.
  • Hindi Diwas: 
    To commemorate the recognition of Hindi as the National Language of India, Hindi Divas was celebrated by the staff and students of Banyan Tree School on 14th September 2018. The celebration began with the lighting of the lamp by respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Madhulika Singh. This was followed by songs, skits and doha recitals by students of various classes who regailed the audience with their splendid performances.The programme was concluded by a message from the Principal who appreciated the students for their commendable performances and at the same time encouraged all to respect and stay connected to one of the very old and rich languages of the world.
  • Shloka Chanting Competition: 

    Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. The beauties of its sound, precision in pronunciation and reliability as well as thoroughness in every aspect of its structures, make it a unique language. Researchers have found that chanting shloka can help improve concentration and energize the brain. To expose students to these benefits of chanting shloka and to nurture these qualities among our students, Banyan tree School , Jaipur had organized a Sanskrit Shloka Chanting Competition for the students of classes V to VII  on 21 August 2018.The response from the participants was overwhelming and they took part with great enthusiasm. They showcased their flair and dedication to attain perfection in recitation and explaining the meaning of the shloka and reached the height of excellence.

    Children enjoyed the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words and exhibited their talent and confidence. The students kept the audience fascinated and captivated through their alluring shloka. Their performances were very impressive and worth appreciating.

  • Independence Day Celebration: 

    The month of August rings in with the fervour of independence and freedom. All around, the spirit of every Indian is filled with a celebratory mood to relive and reflect on the struggle
    and the consequent freedom it brought with it.
    Banyan Tree School, Jaipur celebrated the 72 nd Independence of India with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion. The programme started with a march past by the four houses followed
    by speech both in English and Hindi reminding us of the great leaders and personalities and their contribution to the freedom movement. The celebration further included patriotic dance,
    song and recitation evoking the spirit of freedom.
    The students were highly enthused and inspired by a motivating concluding speech by the Principal, Mrs Madhulika Singh who called upon everyone to act responsibly towards the
    progress of this great nation ‘INDIA’.

  • Fire and Evacuation Mock Drill: 

    A mock fire and evacuation drill involving students and teachers was conducted from classes Pre- Primary to XI on 10th August 2018 to create awareness among the students about fire- fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situation.
    The “evacuation” operation began moments after the fire alarm alerted the students. As soon as the alarm hooter rang out loud and clear, the students were immediately evacuated from their classrooms and asked to gather at the assembly area.
    The mock drill was carried out in the school to prepare students and teachers for any such eventuality under the fire risk reduction programme.
    It was organized to check the readiness of the school to face any such fire emergency and also to make the students and staff aware about the Fire Fighting rescue operation.
    Once all had evacuated the building and had assembled on the ground, the students were advised not to panic in case of any disaster. They were instructed to be with teachers at the time of disaster and follow the instructions given by them. Keeping all the safety measures in mind and carrying them out methodically, the entire building was successfully cleared within a span of 3
    minutes. It was organised in the school premises involving 610 students with the help of 42 teachers, 18 staff members and 2 security guards.

  • Orientation Programme for Class XI: 

    The Orientation Programme for the class XI students for the session 2018-2019 was held at Banyan Tree School,Jaipur.The purpose of the orientation was to make them aware of the Assessment System for classes XI and also apprise them of the challenges faced by the students while appearing for the board exams. The students were welcomed by the Principal Ms Madhulika Singh, Ms Jyoti Jain, Ms Maanita Srivastava and Ms.Shalini Sharma. The programme commenced with a welcome address by Ms Jyoti Jain. The school choir group presented a Sanskrit Vandana and a motivational song which was initiated by Mr Tarachand and Mr Vatsal.

    The Principal , Ms Madhulika Singh did the honor of pinning Welcome Badges and the Prefect Badges. The Principal congratulated the children for their excellent class X results and apprised that last two years of schooling are crucial as these decide the future of the child. These career forming years are the foundation of their upcoming career choices and the focus should be on regularity of students to attend classes.. The Assessment System and the weightage for each exam was explained to the students . Overall it was an enriching experience for the students.

  • Maths Quiz:

    “Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms; it is about understanding.” To assess the Mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the children, Banyan Tree School, Jaipur organized an Inter House Mathematics Puzzle contest (classes V – VII) and Mathematics quiz (Classes VIII – X).In Mathematics puzzle class V had Mathematical facts, riddles, number puzzle, Math word search (shapes), colour puzzle (Stroop effect).

    Class VI – Tangram puzzle, Math word search puzzle, game Bingo for concentration enhancement, count the number of triangles puzzle.

    Class VII – Riddles, Math word search puzzle, number puzzle, count the number of triangles

    Class VIII – X participated in Mathematical quiz. The four houses were named on famous Mathematician, namely,

    Yellow House – Aryabhata

    Green House – Ramanujan

    Red House – Brahmagupta

    Blue House – Bhaskaracharya

    The quiz was divided into many rounds like Warm up Round, Mathematical Antakshri, Bingo, Buzzer Round, Jackpot Round etc, which involved participation of not only the participants but audience and house teachers too. Children along with the teachers had a fun filled entertaining time. Children enjoyed Maths questions and its different variations. The participants displayed their enthusiasm and coordination in each and every round. It was a stiff competition among the teams with Green House emerging as winners, followed by Blue House in second position and Red House at Third position.

  • Healthy Food Exhibition: 

    To create awareness about healthy food and dietary habits, A Healthy Food Exhibition was organized for the Pre-Primary wing at Banyan Tree, Jaipur on 25 July 2018. Children were given hands on experience of eating healthy through this exhibition. A variety of food like fruit salads, upma, poha , sandwiches were served and children relished the entire experience of eating nutritious and delectable food. Dressed as young chefs the children were jubilant to be clicked in photo frames decorated with beautiful fruits and vegetables .It was an outstanding experience for the tiny tots.

  • Rain Dance Party: 

    A Rain Dance Party was organised in the pre- primary wing Banyan Tree School, Jaipur on 11 July 2018. Words fail to describe the unbridled joy and merriment that filled the atmosphere. The little ones put on their swim suits and enjoyed the rain dance party to beat the heat of the scorching sun. The purpose of the event was to introduce the tiny tots to the monsoon season.The tiny tots had a whale of a time with the toys, enjoyed the fountains and splashed water on each other. The celebratory music beats at the party made the surroundings more delightful. Students enjoyed with their teachers as the event was a relieving activity breaking the monotony of classroom teaching.


  • Puppet Show: 

    Story telling is an everyday activity for children. It helps them to enhance the language and listening skills which also improve critical thinking  and comprehension. Puppet show and storytelling was organized in the Pre- Primary wing at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur, on 4 July 2018.Teachers enacted the stories “Clever Rabbits” & “True Friends” with the help of puppets to make it an attractive tool for learning.Our tiny tots were enthralled by the vibrant and colourful puppets. They were in for a special treat as the show captured their attention and opened doors to their imagination. The colourful puppets captured the children’s attention as they were led to a world of unlimited creativity.

  • Workshop on Motivation and Gender Sensitivity:

    An invigorating workshop on ‘Motivation’ was held at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur, on 30.06 2018. It was conducted by the Principal of the school, Mrs Madhulika Singh. The workshop was aimed to refresh, inspire, enliven and of course to motivate the teachers. Various techniques and skills to keep the teachers motivated were explained along with various ways and means to maintain a positive atmosphere in the institution was dealt in length at the workshop. Towards the end of the session, the teacher’s morale was highly lifted and the looked forward to more such sessions in future.In order to promote and integrate ‘Gender Sensitivity’ into the process of education, Banyan Tree School organised a workshop on Gender Sensitivity for its teachers which was initiated by Ms Sukhpreet Tak and Ms Veena Bhati. The teachers were exhorted about the importance of gender equality and ways to inculcate it among the students. Various methods were introduced by a wonderful presentation on being unbiased towards the students and provide equal opportunity to all while recognising their individual talent and potential. Gender sensitive pedagogy and suitable teaching and learning methods were also suggested to create a gender sensitive environment. Principal, Mrs Madhulika Singh highly appreciated the initiative taken and the successful outcome of the workshop owing to its importance in the present social scenario.

  • Orientation Day:

    An Orientation Programme was organized for the parents of classes V-X at Banyan Tree School Jaipur on 5 May 2018.The purpose was to familiarize the parent as “partners in progress” with the curriculum, rules and regulations, and the co- scholastic activities. The Orientation Programme aimed at providing opportunities for parents to know what to expect in the coming year and also equip themselves for it. Sincere efforts were made through this orientation in explaining the pattern for conducting examinations and the support required from parents to reinforce the learning process of their children.
    The session also provided a platform for interaction with teachers handling class X. Principal Mrs. Madhulika Singh, complimented the parents for attending the session and sharing their concerns.

  • Earth Day Celebrations:

    A special assembly was conducted by Banyan Tree School, Jaipur on Earth Day on 21 April 2018. Students through various presentations expressed the necessity to spread awareness about the challenges faced by Mother Earth. A skit was performed by students of class V depicting the importance of Mother Nature and how we must respect her to cherish the life bestowed by her. School Principal, Ms. Madhulika Singh addressed the students, urging them to adopt small steps on regular basis to protect our environment for the future.

    On the occasion of ‘Earth Day’ BTS Jaipur carried out its house activity which included Inter – House ‘Dharti Bachao’ – Street play and ‘Darpan’ – Face painting competition on 21 April 2018 for students of class V to VII and VIII to X respectively. The main objective behind these activities is to sensitize the students about the dire need to protect our Earth.
    The student’s participation was optimum and they exhibited lot of zeal and enthusiasm to bring about awareness towards saving the Earth. The various themes that the teams projected were ‘Water Pollution’, ‘Water Harvesting’, ‘Hygiene’ and ‘Global Warming’.

  • Pool Party: 

    Pool Party was organized in Banyan Tree School, Jaipur for the toddlers of the Pre-Primary wing on 19 April 2018. It was a great joy to see the kids to having fun while beating the heat. Water play activities strengthen motor skills, builds balance and the ability to propel and navigate. The tiny tots turned up in colourful swim suits and had great fun playing in the water.

  • Save Mother Earth – Earth Day Celebrations: 

    Banyan tree School, Jaipur organized an activity “Fun with Colors” for the students of class I and II on 13 April 2018.Children carried out the activity by doing hand painting with water colors. The theme of the activity was “Save Earth”. The main aim of the activity was to make children understand the importance of earth and the ways we can keep its greenery and save its resources.

  • Best Out of Waste Activity: 

    “Best out of waste activity” was organized on 13 April 2018 for the students of class III and IV of Banyan tree School, Jaipur. Students showcased their talent and creativity and enjoyed the event immensely. The aim of the competition was to help the students learn and progressively understand the judicious uses of resources keeping in mind the motto to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Swiss Film on Wheels – Heidi:

    The “Swiss Films on Wheels” bus reached the Banyan Tree School, Jaipur on 8th March, and was greeted by over 650 students with their teachers and parents. They received “Heidi” with lots of enthusiasm, laughter and happy applause.The movie show was organised by Embassy of Switzerland to India and Bhutan.

  • Orientation Programme for Class X: 

    The Board exams are round the corner and examination plays a pivotal role in the life of school going students. Results and grades are a by product of all their handwork, diligence and perseverance. In the words of our Honorable PM “Examination is a time for celebration.” Keeping this essence of Examination alive an Orientation Programme was held at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur on 15 February 2018 for the outgoing batch of class X students.Ms. Jyoti Jain presented a PPT dealing with pertinent exam related issues such as Time Management, systematic and organized study time and a healthy lifestyle. Subject teachers gave valuable tips related to the – formats, labelled diagrams, underlining key value points and stepwise calculations. Many such useful points were discussed in an open forum.This session was followed by a Good Luck assembly with a message to celebrate this journey as they enter an important phase of their life which would empower them to face greater challenges.

  • Annual Sports Meet 2018: 

    The much awaited Annual Sports Day of Banyan Tree School, Jaipur was held on Saturday 27 January 2018. The fantastic turnout by the parents and the pleasant weather were the motivational factors for the students. The day began with much fervor as the oath was administered by the Sports Captain Ritu Chaudhary followed by an impressive March Past by the four Houses. The opening dance Vande Mataram was a well co-ordinated effort with more than 80 participants on the ground keeping alive the patriotic fervor. The PT Drill and an energizing Aerobic Dance set the tone for the rest of the events. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes.Students of classes Nursery to X competed class-wise in events including balloon race, sack race, obstacle races and three legged race. The seamless benefits of Yoga were showcased by the students.  The basic attacking and defending skills in Taekwondo were the highlights of the day.  The students also displayed their energy, enthusiasm and team work through a wonderful pyramid formation.A 100 m race and tug- of- war between the teachers and parents added excitement to the day’s event. The day concluded with the grandparents along with the Principal congratulating the winners with medals and certificates. The trophy for the winner house was bagged by Prerna and Abhilasha House. Abhilasha House was declared the Best Marching Contingent. A musical symphony by the school choir group brought an end to the day’s event.

  • Founder’s Day Celebrations: 

    Founder’s Day was celebrated with great fervor at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur on 3 November 2017. The assembly began with shloka chanting and devotional songs by the school choir followed by a speech by the Head Boy and the Head girl highlighting the vision of our founder Dr. Kulwant Rai whose generosity, humility and integrity touched many lives.Banyan tree School, Jaipur carried forward these ideals through a plethora of activities.
    The Street Play a satire on society brought out the message of educating the masses bringing in an informed society.

    The workshop on paper bags brought out the creative best. The Finger Puppets for the pre primary wing gave the toddlers a quick recap on safe circle.Fun with activities brought the concept of the classroom in the play field.Dress and Speak brought out the oratorical skill of children.

    The finale for the day was the Quiz conducted by the different departments who engaged and ignited the young minds with a spirit of reasoning.The Soft board Decoration in the classes and on the house boards beautifully brought out the vision of our founder.On the whole it was an enriching and invigorating day for the Banyanites.

  • Enthralling Experience at Albert Hall Museum: 

    Students of class VII and VIII visited the famous Albert Hall Museum on October 30 , 2017.This visit was an educational trip on Rajasthan’s Heritage and Culture. Students were mesmerized to see the Art and Craft.
    Albert Hall Museum is a collection of Archaeological items like Manuscripts , famous books , Utensils (made of clay, copper, iron, brass , wood ) Sculptures, Tools , Arms , Boots, Musical Instruments, Games, Items using Lacquer like windows, showpieces and so on.

    After the visit a short quiz was organized in the premises of Albert Hall to test the Comprehension and observational skill of students. This was an enriching experience for students who were enthralled by the sheer grandeur of Indian Heritage and Culture.

  • Educational Trip to Science Park: 

    The school conducted an Educational Trip for the students of primary wing to Science Park, Shastri Nagar. While most of them were wowed by the planets and their facts, most were fascinated by tricks and interesting experiments of physics that apply to our lives. The major attraction for the students was the giant lifelike model of a dinosaur which also helped them to understand about extinction of animal species and our role in trying to save the ones that thrive now. They enjoyed the trip thoroughly and got amazed by science. This ignited the flare to return to school and embrace science and its wonders by being more active in their EVS classes.

  • Road Safety: 

    The students of Pre Primary wing at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur were made aware of the road safety and traffic rules.A very interactive session comprising of skit enactment was used as a medium to orient the children. The session concluded with a rhyme “TRAFFIC SIGNALS”. The students enjoyed the session thoroughly as they learnt an important lesson on Traffic Safety in a play way method.

  • Child Awareness Workshop: 

    The Pre-Primary wing at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur oriented students on safe and unsafe touch, following the safety protocol, to make the young minds aware of their bodies and how to protect themselves. The explanation was initiated by introducing the parts of the body, titled “My Body Belongs to Me”. The safe circle comprising of members of the family like mother, father, siblings, grandparents and teacher who we trust was also discussed.
    A Power Point presentation elaborated the good and bad touches with enactment from teachers on how to react in an uncomfortable situation. The three major pointers were “Say NO”, “Run for HELP”, and “Share with SAFE CIRCLE”.

    The session was interactive engaging children in a healthy discussion.

  • Summer Camp:

    Creative Fiesta took off on a bright and exciting note on 15 May 2017. The objective was to involve children in power packed fun activities to build on the 4Cs – Competence, Confidence,Character and Connection. It is observed that children learn best and practice new skills and character qualities while engaged in play.

    Banyan Tree School, Jaipur strives consistently to build life skills that would help children to emerge as confident young leaders of tomorrow.



  • Song Slam – Solo Song Competition (Class V – X) – 4th August
  • Conquer the mic – Solo Song Competition (Class I – IV) – 10th August
  • Come Alive with Poetry – Sanskrit Shlok Enactment (Class V – VIII) – 18th August
  • Movie Making (Class VIII – X) – 18th August
  • Bond of Love – Rakhi Making (Class I – IV Girls) – 24th August
  • Bond of Love  – Photo Frame Making (Class I – IV Boys) – 24th August


  • Mere Vichar – Hindi Debate (Class V – VII) – 1st September
  • Hindi Antakshari  / Kavi Darbar (Class VIII – X) – 1st September
  • Suleikh Lekhan – Hindi Handwriting Competition (Class I – II) – 7th September
  • Bal Kavi Sammelan – Poem Recitation (Class III – IV) – 7th September
  • Sports Activities (Class I – IV) – 28th September
  • Club Activity (Class V – X) – 29th September