Admissions Open for Academic Session 2019 -20

Middle School

Students receive top- notch academic instructions and support .What’s more we provide multiple avenues for creative expression, athletic achievements off the campus study. Students are always encouraged faculty and administrative staff for support. We guide individual students through the search process. We are academically rigorous, emphasising thoughtful enquiry, creative problem- solving and disciplined habits of the minds.


The classrooms have enough teaching and learning space with movable furniture to accommodate the number of students in the class. Rooms are rendered with A.C and fans and are well lit. Furniture is provided for accommodating books along with cupboards.




The school has a robotics lab which helps in brainstorming, creativity and comprises of advanced building blocks used as experiments in a group learning setup. The Robotics programmes encourages collaborative and innovative learning.




Music is a science that would make us laugh, sing and dance. The music room is equipped with all the musical instruments like table, harmonium, drums, guitar, and synthesizer and so on. It is a place where the children develop their psycho motor domain, the cognitive domain and learner’s willingness to receive, internalize and share what is learned. The environment of the music room helps children to conceptualize and compose music that is mellifluous and profound.


The dance room has ample space for the student and the teacher to choreograph dances and short skits with a lot of freedom. The room has a sound system for playing CD’s or music via Bluetooth enabled device.


The school has a wide area allotted to the students for outdoor activities which is properly fenced. The ground has a volley ball court in one corner complete with ball and a net and instructors.



The school has an audio visual room with a screen and sound system as well as a laptop .Fixed as well as detachable microphones are provided for the various activities in the A.V room. The screen is fully visible for everyone in the audience. It has ample space sufficient sitting arrangements.



The school forum holds an important place for the students as different activities like workshops, exhibitions, orientations related to values, lifeskills, educational orientations for teachers, parents and students take place here.