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Is the CBSE’s Decision to Include AI at the School Level Correct?

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Artificial intelligence is being long debated for its ability to be as powerful as the human brain. With the intervention of modern technology, artificial intelligence has become one of the most promising factors in today’s world. With advanced level applications, AI has now become almost at par with human reactions to any situation. AI specifically works on the principle of analyzing the behavioral pattern of humans, making the responses to any given situation predictable. With robotics setting in functional and operational areas of multiple sectors, artificial intelligence-based software is surely the next thing around the corner.

The Changing Trend – Knowledge of AI is a Must for the Youth

Unlike the earlier decades, children of gen Z are more attached to the application of modern-day gadgets and devices than their elder counterparts. Even school level students are found to operate smartphones with much ease and perfection. This compels us to think that technology has actually made a turn-around in everyone’s life. According to the market speculations, in another ten years, the majority of the market share would be under the AI spell. AI will not only help maintain accuracy but will also help to avoid any work force-annoyances. It will be a massive aid for the corporates enabling them to run the show minus any hassles.

The Future is with AI

The world is getting increasingly dependent on technology. Computers and software have already minimized the need for human efforts. Artificial intelligence has emerged as the new face of technology that will actually manage most of the operations void of any human interventions. Hence, it won’t be wrong to conclude that Artificial Intelligence surely has a future and will gain more weightage with time. The tech giant Google has, in fact, come up with certain AI applications where we find even human interactions being imitated and the AI replying flawlessly to the human inquiries. Therefore, the importance of Artificial Intelligence is unavoidable, and it is necessary that the future workforce be aware of the nitty-gritty associated with AI to ensure a secured career ahead.

With this in mind, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken a revolutionary decision of including AI studies as a part of optional subjects for 8th-10th standard students. Though many believe that AI should be included in thecurriculum only in the higher studies and not in the school level, the Central Board of Secondary Education is planning to introduce AI at an early stage for better assimilation of the subject.

A Visionary Decision by CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education has always been of innovative spirit when it comes tolaying down the terms of education. Breaking the convention and making way for the new things around has always remained the priority for CBSE. The board has rightly judged the upcoming days with major AI intervention in almost every sphere of work. It is not only the operations that will be under AI, but the interactive services would also fall under it. Hence, a student chasing any of the service sectors would be required to have enough knowledge of AI to secure his or her place in the job market. Since tender ages are considered the best time to adopt new ideas, CBSE has decided to introduce the young, budding geniuses to AI in the secondary classes itself.

At Banyan Tree School, we follow the spirit of progression and advancement. Hence, going hand in hand with CBSE curriculum, we are more than proud to be able to introduce AI as a part of our curriculum to facilitate the children in a much better way through the journey of their career. The students will have the added choice of AI as their optional subject in regular studies from the next academic session. Balancing the cord between technology and tradition, we, at Banyan Tree School, ranked among the Top Ten CBSE Schools in Jaipur, have always advocated a curriculum that can nurture the creative brains of children in the true sense. We support a fine blend of technical expertise with artistic abilities and hence believe that incorporation of AI in the syllabus will surely be a good move augmenting the creative mindsets of our future geniuses.