Admissions Open for Academic Session 2019 -20


An outstanding learning experience is crafted through a challenging curriculum with a lateral , spatial and analytical approach that allows the students to reflect and think as they apply their learning to everyday life.

The nurturing of a child’s curiosity and development is at the centre of what Banyan Tree School seeks to achieve.

In preparing our curriculum, we have sought the best teaching practices to enable children to thrive in a challenging environment. The information given here outlines the broad aims of our teaching at different levels to empower the child in his journey at Banyan Tree School, Jaipur.


We make teaching-learning a lively and interesting experience. We teach languages-Hindi and English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies through a series of activities like games, songs, free play, Story telling , Enactments, Construction activities, Clay modeling, Role plays, Projects; Theme based learning, Field trips, Puppetry, Events, Circle time, Interest corners, a well visualized classroom and so on.

The focus is to equip the children with the skills of Listening, Speaking and Reading. Co curricular activities though music dance, sports, yoga develops their gross motor skills. Different art activities-free hand drawing, colouring, pasting and so on develops their fine motor skills.


Assessments are carried out in an informal way throughout the academic session.

Primary (Classes I to IV)

The Primary School Programme at Banyan Tree School comprises of classes I – IV. The School follows an integrated curriculum .The focus in this section is on encouraging the spirit of inquiry, exploration and on inculcating confidence in key learning skills , Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Information technology capability, Problem-solving, Critical thinking and so on.

The School seeks to achieve this through a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities: Informal methods like activities, projects, presentations and hands-on experiences, apart from formal learning opportunities in Dance, Fine Arts, Theatre/street play, Western and Indian Music, Speech and quizzes, which facilitate a well-rounded development. These are part of the regular curriculum, and are also being offered as co-curricular and core activity programmes.

Yoga, Taekwondo, sports, Robotics, Maths lab computer labs, Exploring and reading books, Subject Enrichment activities, integrated projects and school visits add richness to the learning odyssey.

Participation in co-curricular house activities brings out the latent talent and gives a platform to each child to exhibit and perform their best.


Formal written assessments and subject enrichment activities are carried out throughout the session to assess the learning.

Middle School (V-VIII)

The Middle School curriculum is holistic in approach as it fosters a culturally sensitive and socially responsible student who has strong communication skills, is confident and is an avid learner. Besides encouraging a stimulating environment, the Middle School curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop their creative, physical, technical and empathetic skills to ensure the development of a well-rounded individual.

Secondary School (IX-X)

The Secondary School Curriculum prepares the child to face the challenges of the outside world by focusing on the child’s inherent strengths, engaging him in activities that would enable to make the right decisions and carrier choice. Empowering the child with the core knowledge and enabling him to apply this knowledge in real life situations is the essence of true learning. Critical thinking, quick decision making being empathetic and respecting others leads to the holistic growth of the students.

The emphasis on Co-curricular activities, sports and life skills makes this odyssey of learning for the child both exciting and invigorating.