Admissions Open for Academic Session 2019 -20


Indian society constitutes of a bundle of customs, beliefs, and attributes which are handed down to us by our ancestors and form the root of our value system and traditions. Instead of all the modernism that has been brought about Continue Reading
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Banyan Tree – Enabling the Young Minds to Challenge the Limits
The rising wave of digitization and the advancement of technology in the modern times have not just made lives easy in more ways than one, but also led to an increase in the complexity of the trials and turbulences that Continue Reading
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The Galore of Extracurricular Activities at Banyan Tree
“When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I’d discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theater.” –Morgan Freeman, American actor. Gone are the days when going to school meant solely aiming for academic Continue Reading
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Acquainting the Kids with Stranger-Danger is Crucial
The term ‘stranger’ is not as much of an easy concept for children to understand as we think. You might think that a simple explanation that a stranger is any person whom they do not know, who is not a Continue Reading
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How to Help Your Child Choose the Right Career Path
While growing up, there are so many career paths that a child wonders about. On one day, you may find your little one wanting to be a pilot, and on some other day, you may see your kid dreaming about Continue Reading
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