Workshop on Photography

A spectacular and refreshing workshop was conducted for the children of classes IX-Xth by Mrs.Shikha Khanna. The workshop was for two hours and was set in the backdrop of the Lodhi garden. Mrs.Shikha introduced photography to these amateur photographers. She told them about the meaning and types of photography. Photography means “drawing with colours”, and that there are 32 types of photography. The kids were divided into teams of 5, and were given task to perform. Like Shikha Ma’am shared with the children the concept of hard and soft light, and then asked them to click photographs which have this phenomena. The children who were shy at first, opened up and contributed ideas which were out of the box. Mrs.Shika along with the teachers were astonished with the outcome of the workshop. The children clicked multiple photographs based on different concepts. These photograph will be reviewed tomorrow by Mrs.Shikha herself.