Workshop on ‘Innovation Space’ – Speaker from Waste

15 Students from Class XI along with the subject teacher Ms. Chandrima Biswas attended the workshop on “Innovation Space”,conducted at National Science Centre on 6th May 2015.The session was conducted by Mr. Dinesh Malik, Education Officer, Innovation Space, National Science Centre. Students were given a brief introduction where the students learnt the difference between‘innovation’ and ‘invention’. They were acquainted with the working of the speaker and shown a video on how to make a speaker with waste material. Using just few waste materials students made their own speakers and checked out its working and effectiveness.
It was a great experience and the feeling of accomplishment when the speakers emitted sound. The workshop was informative, innovative, creative and inspirational. It really motivated the students to use their creativity and thoughts to innovate or invent new things that can be beneficial to an individual, society or the country.