Student Council

The formal link between faculty and students is a democratically elected Student Council. The Council, with its presence at Primary, Middle and Secondary School levels, pitch in to organize inter-school & intra-school activities. The student Council helps to engage students in problem solving, while helping them to be responsible and accountable. This is a process of self discovery, identifying their strengths and abilities to foster qualities of leadership.

This vital and thriving body of student community becomes a part of decision making while working in partnership with the school management, staff and parents for overall student welfare and upholding the reputation of the institution.

Head Boy
Head Girl
Vice Head Boy
Vice Head Girl
Anugrah Singh
Srishtti Soni
Pranav Anand
Shipra Goyal
The life of every party and a true leader, Anugrah exhibits extreme meticulosity in every task that he undertakes. He believes in moving hand-in-hand with his team, strengthening himself and others too.
Srishtti doesn’t opt for the easy way; rather goes for the challenging way, overcoming all the obstacles to complete the task at hand.
Pranav Anand is a type of person who meets challenges head-on rather than sweeping them under the rag and hoping they go away. He is an optimistic, reliable and soft spoken person. He is also realistic about the current situation and how satisfactory or unsatisfactory it is.
A leader who empowers, strengthens and encourages others, Shipra Goyal is accountable, honest, versatile and a winner in her own way. She possesses a charismatic aura and a strong personality.
Cultural Prefect – Boy
Cultural Prefect – Girl
Vice Cultural Prefect – Boy
Sports Captain – Boys
Paarth Tarachandani
Riya Gupta
Hritesh Mallik
Pranav Sharma
He has a desire to empower the world by creating innovative and community focused peaceful impacts and to increase the positivity and calmness on the planet.
A person with an artistic bend of mind who’s creativity is constructive.
Learning piano from Trinity School of London for the past 7 yrs. Hritesh is a blessing in disguise, a very honest, humble and hardworking.
Pranav is the one who is always up for a game, basketball being his forte. He has represented the school in many tournaments at inter schools’ level. He excels in being a good leader with excellent leadership qualities.
Sports Captain – Girls
Vice Sports Captain – Boys
Captain – Boys
Captain – Girls
Charu Bisht
Usman Hasan
Gaurav Yadav
Aditi Sharma
An honest, hardworking, disciplined and sincere, she has the ability to motivate and influence others. And with a smile on her pleasant face, she is the one who can be relied upon for a win in an almost lost game.
He is a friendly one. He guarantees consistent performances in both academics and sports. An energetic one, who will try the best to enhance sports in our school.
Gaurav is humble, cooperative and focussed.But on the other hand, he has an examplary enthusiasm for his work.He puts everything in what he does, and never settles for less.
Aditi is a unique student who has a rocking personality to accompany her brilliant mind. She is a hardworking person who believes in over-coming any difficulty through a positive and cheering mindset.
Vice Captain – Girls
Head Prefect – Boys
Head Prefect – Girls
Prefect 2 – Girls
Kshagun Mudgal
Shubhangi Bansal
Devika Walia
Kshagun holds a never-say-die will and performs majestically in every task.
Known for his beautiful amazing skills, Vaishak is a very compassionate and humble person.
She is a hardworking and sincere person with an optimistic view towards things. Shubhangi is a very responsible and friendly leader.
Devika is full of enthusiasm and more than just hardworking and very responsible. She likes to take up challenges with a positive attitude and is always ready to help.
Prefect 3 – Boys
Prefect 4 – Girls
Captain – Boys
Captain – Girls
Aryan Bajaj
Jahanvi Yadav
Kevin Chawla
Fatima Sufiyaan
Aryan always tries to keep himself and others happy in all situations. He wants to be a person who can be trusted at all times.
She lives life with relish and is hardworking, kind and ready to take up challenges. Great leadership, helpfulness and down to earth by nature are her qualities.
Kevin is a hard working, sincere and ambitious person. He loves challenges.
Fatima is a dedicated and perseverant student who takes on challenges easily, while still managing to have a perpetually delighted face.
Vice Captain – Boys
Head Prefect – Boys
Head Prefect – Girls
Prefect 1 – Boys
Uday Gupta
Mayank Kumar
Japneet Kaur
Haren Nagdewani
He prefers to see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow. He steps out of his comfort zone and tries something new everyday.
Mayank is a calm and composed person. He handles every situation with a cool mind. He is a responsible person who takes the duty assigned to him as his first priority.
Japneet is a very simple and a kind student. She is passionate and ready to do any work. She has a good hand and moves in drawing as well as dancing.
Haren is a hardworking student and is always ready to participate in any extra-curricular activities. He is also involved in blogging for last 4 years.
Prefect 2 – Girls
Prefect 3 – Boys
Prefect 4 – Girls
Captain – Boys
Isha Bhardwaj
Hardik Saini
Carolyn Singh
Aayush Sharma
Isha bhardwaj is a girl you can always count on. She is trustworthy and optimistic and always up for challenges.
Hardik believes in giving his 100% in every task undertaken by him and prefers to participate in all that he can.
She is a Meticulous child with a pleasant and friendly nature. She is an all rounder who shows keen interest in all activities. She is very helpful and responsible too.
Chivalrous by nature and leader by acts, he works to have his house acquire unfathomable heights. With his charming personality and extraordinary skills, he is one of the favourites.
Captain – Girls
Vice Captain – Boys
Vice Captain – Girls
Head Prefect – Boys
Dheerika Pandey
Ritik Pachauri
Ridhima Gaba
I .Akhil
Dheerika is an excellent girl, full of enthusiasm and determination. Her friendly and uncompromising nature adds the cherry to the cake.
Ritik is a sincere boy, determinant to every given task and perseverant for his goals.
Dedicated towards her duty, Ridhima is a responsible leader and a helping peer.
I.Akhil is a student who’s willing to learn to time immortal and a wannabe polymath, and who’s willing to serve school through thick and thin and Not to mention his commendable leadership qualities.
Head Prefect – Girls
Prefect 1 – Boys
Prefect 2 – Girls
Prefect 3 – Boys
Satwika Bhattacharjee
Deepanshu Rauthan
Spardha Ranjan
Satwika is a hardworking, determined, kind hearted and a reliable girl who is always ready to lend a helping hand. She is always on the top of her game and works to the best of her abilities.
Deepanshu is a kind, compassionate and determinant leader.
Spardha Ranjan is an honest worker and a generous and humble person. One can count on her for any job as she is sincere and sparking as a diamond.
I am a very helpful person. Except this I always try to give my best and I am sincere towards the duty given to me and try to be friendly to everyone around me. I am very polite in talking and responsible towards any work that is assigned to me.
Prefect 4 – Girls
Captain – Boys
Captain – Girls
Vice Captain – Boys
Samran Kaur
Vibhanshu Upadhyay
Divyanshi Nagpal
Sagar Chandra
Diligent, courteous and amicable, Samran is extremely ambitious and focused to achieve her goals in life. She is a warm-hearted person with an exuberant personality.
Honest, hardworking and always full of energy, he has the potential to achieve and excel in every field.
Divyanshi is an enthusiastic person willing to help anyone, anytime. She believes in teamwork and thus can work with everybody as a ‘team’.
Sagar is an ambitious boy and loves to work hard. He has always tried to succeed in achieving excellence in academics and sports.
Vice Captain – Girls
Head Prefect – Boys
Head Prefect – Girls
Prefect 1 – Boys
Jessica Dua
Sadiq Ali
Vani Kaul
Raj Khandelwal
Jessica exhibits a high degree of integrity, leadership and pride in being a Banyanite. She is confident, optimistic, and imaginative and has out of the box thinking.
With leadership qualities, Sadiq is protective by nature and shows responsibility in all divisions. He has a pioneering personality and a sincere attitude.
Vani is a soft spoken and sweet girl. She is responsible and obedient as well.
Raj is determined, focused, optimistic and patient person. He always looks at the brightest side as he believes that every cloud has a silver lining.
Prefect 2 – Girls
Prefect 3 – Boys
Prefect 4 – Girls
Surbhi Jain
Varun Jain
Shreya Saini
Surbhi has a strong sense of responsibility and strives hard to give her best. She is an industrious and inquisitive person.
A kind, hard working and true leader, Varun believe that success doesn’t come the easy way and thus takes up challenges.
She respects and shows care for her school and responsibilities. She has always been praised as an all rounder.