Strategies for Safe and Effective Use of Online Social Media

IIIT-Delhi conducted a workshop on the lines of a very important yet not fully understood topic of “safety on online social networking sites”. The workshop was attended by about 100 teachers and other facilitators from different schools across Delhi. A few teachers from Banyan Tree School-New Delhi attended the same on Saturday, 2nd May 2015.The workshop had a very day to day relevance. The workshop was presented by Mr.Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (PK) a Professor at IIIT-Delhi. Sir took us through many examples of how social media is affecting us directly and indirectly nowadays. How social media had actually brought many social issues into our society. He showed multiple slides of cases all around the world where in people we prisoned or punished due to what they wrote or accessed online.
In the other half of the session he took us through the technical part of Facebook and Twitter, and explained us all the setting provided them these companies which can keep us safe online to a large extent. Also in the end he stated a fact that anything that is put online on the internet never gets deleted. It will always leave digital prints behind. All in all an eye-opener to the facts and myths of Social Media.