Schools today have been reduced to an instrument of the state to create bread winners and only provide technical knowledge and skills. Through the implementation of the Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Programme the school intends for value education discourses to be conducted by teachers in their classrooms. There is a need for the children to break the shackles of superficiality, to look beyond the materialistic aspects and to move towards more humane characteristics of mutual love understanding, harmony and character building. Education would, hence, become the most potent tool to build strong moral, ethical and spiritual values.

The programme was all about the need of the hour – the inculcation of value education in the daily pedagogic discourses. The programme speaks about -why students and teachers play an imperative role in achieving an inner calm and peace of mind in the world which is in turmoil. Simple yet effective techniques to inculcate values in students were introduced. Teachers have to sow the seeds of discipline, duty and devotion by touching the hearts of these young boys and girls. Motivating and inspiring the students creating and inducing a healthy environment , honing human values –love, truth, dharma, peace and non-violence by developing skills like self help, self confidence, etc. Thus, nurturing and developing a meaningful existence –we need to touch the young hearts.

For a successful implementation of the programme the school has developed a strong alliance between the parents and the teachers, so that the home of the learners becomes an extension of the reinforcement of the values being taught at school.