Winners of Inter – House Photography Competition

An Inter house Photography Competition was organized on the 29th of July, 2016 at Banyan Tree School, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.The students of Classes IX-X were asked to click two pictures based on the topic given to them.  The Topics given to them were NATURE, REFLECTION and ARCHITECTURE out of which they were allowed to select any one.The students of Classes XI-XII were asked to Click 3-4 pictures on the Topic: Treasures of life and create a story board based on the topic.The event was judged by Mr.Kawaljeet Singh (Gaurdian of a student of class VIII). Then the final results were declared by Ms.Ranjana Negi.

Sheehan from class X secured 1st position and Akhila Mishra from class IX secured 2nd position in the still photography event.

The total score of all the students was calculated housewise and the House which secured the highest points was declared as the winner.For Classes XI and XII, Three students from each house participated and prepared a story Board in team.The Best stories were declared as the winners.