18 students of IT club participated in the Film IT Festival , a program of the INTACH ,(Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) where students are encouraged to make short films based on our heritage and culture.

On 2 Feb. 2016 , INTACH felicited the winners of different school in various categories  at India International Centre. They also showcased the winning movies. Banyan Tree School won four Special Certificates which were awarded for films having :

  1. Best Original Story  – ‘Tic Tok’ ,  ( Ayan Khan , class IX )
  2. Best Direction – ‘Historical Lodhi Garden’  ( Vanshita Sethi VIII )
  3. Strong Message – ‘Woods’    ,   ( Ayan Khan , class IX )
  4. Maximum Number of films  made and uploaded

Our students also performed at the Award ceremony by sharing their experiences during the making of their films with self composed poem and speeches.

Self Composed Poem by Iram Afzal VIII C

That very noon I reclined in my bed,
Planning where to go,
Many places wandered in my head,
And I really did not have any clue.

I grabbed my camera along with me,
And a few pennies too.
An auto rickshaw dropped us there,
And a friend accompanied me too.

The splendid architecture of the Mughals,
Left me with an open mouth,
And the tourists near it,
Beautified the scenic spot.

Colours of festivals filled the air,
Wearing elegant dresses
And distributing sweets.
Love and care- that’s what people shared,

Click, click, click, my camera went,
Capturing numerous stills and clips,
I then shared them with my friend,
Hoping that they’ll come out the best.

No outing can be complete without foods,
So I broke in a Kashmiri Rogan Josh,
That finger- licking food cheered my mood,
And I felt like having a Kashmiri dessert too!
I was on my back to home,
And transferred the clips on my PC.
Editing them and finalizing all.
I had my movie done!