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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Refugees and migrants flowing into Europe declined sharply in 2016. Yet the world’s refugee crisis did not go away – it just shifted farther from European sight lines. The number of refugees dying at sea reached record levels, while the number of displaced people worldwide also hit a new record.
The scale of the current refugee crisis has made it clear that everyone from the U.N. down needs to rethink how to better protect and care for refugees. The aid community, the private sector and U.N. member states all held major summits this year to start talking about how to do so. Yet on the ground, countries enacted a familiar policy agenda: closed borders, migration deterrence and limited resettlement.
In 2015, UNHCR celebrated it’s 65th anniversary. During their lifetime, they have helped well over 50 million refugees to successfully restart their lives.

AGENDA: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (6th – 9th)- Influx of migrants into Europe.