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Pre – Primary Wing

 In the Pre- Primary Wing, a variety of approaches encourage children to feel, explore, create, think, and solve problems.

Learning by Doing:

1. Storytelling, Pretend plays/ makes believe play, learning musical instruments, dance and drama are important tools for learning. In the week’s timetable, therefore, each of these areas finds a place.

2. Circle Time, Show and Tell, and activity-based learning enrich the teaching learning process. Pre-primary kids learn basic concepts of Literacy and Numeracy.

3. As part of their social development, students learn how to share and accept responsibilities, such as cleaning up their area after eating, solving problems by working together, finding new ways to cross the rope bridge in the play area, and so on. Here, even the simplest of activities are designed in a way that they support the development of relevant competences which enable the children to be self-reliant.