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Portal to Knowledge

Banyan Tree School can offer you a learning environment like :

I. Peer Power – Peer group is everything. When incredible is normal, anything can happen. No one will be teased for their unusual insights. Imagine if you’re crazy ideas gave your classmates even more ideas…that’s peer power.

II. Real life learning – BTS not only focuses on the theoretical aspect of the subject but ensures that each student is skilled in such a way that he/she has clear vision in each subject.

III. Reshaped Assessment – Discussion, games and performances will be as much part of the evaluation as written tests. Imagine tests were fun, and didn’t make you nervous any more. That’s reshaping assessment.

IV. True Diversity – More than just tolerance, we believe in respect for cultural diversity. With student and parent input into most projects, learning about culture means learning about your culture, and the culture of your friends and peers. Imagine that learning was relevant to your life and history…that’s true diversity.