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Parent Testimonials

  • “The whole teaching staff and team of the school is just awesome. Very happy and satisfied with everyone.”                                    
    Malwinder and Navdeep Dhaliwal, Parents of Anahat Dhaliwal, Riverston 2
  • “Based on our continuous interests and support for Banyan Tree School, we find that all teachers in our daughter’s class are doing an excellent job to take care of all issues related to studies and health of each student. We are very happy with the outcome. Thank you.”                                    
    Sanjay & Rina Mandal, Parents of Subrina Moly, Class III
  • “I am very satisfied with my child’s growth and development in the school. The management and staff are very nice and co-operative, and a special thanks to her class teacher for their love and support.”                                    
    Pooja Marwah, Parent of Chahat Marwah, Class Nursery
  • “Teachers are very helpful in learning new things for our child. All staff is very caring and helpful to our kids. A big thanks to all teachers for making kids active.” 
    Pooja Rani, Parent of Ayaan, Riverston 2
  • “Nice pics mam… really appreciate the extra time you’ve been spending at school while we are so busy.Your willingness to help our toddlers out wherever there is a need is greatly appreciated. It’s that kind of flexibility and dedication that will help them grow to their full potential… Keep up the Good work.. Stay healthy n blessed👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻” 
    Aliyaz, Parent of Haizel Ben, Riverston 2
  • “Thank you ma’am. Having newly moved in to Chandigarh, we were very apprehensive about how our child would cope with a completely new environment. But we are so very happy with our kid’s development both academically as well as personality wise. The support, encouragement, care and love given by Harry ma’am has to be mentioned here. Thank you Harry ma’am! And thank you Sudeshna ma’am for giving us such wonderful teachers!”
  • “The session was exciting and joyful with lot of memories. A bundle of activities conducted by school which really comes up as a very good learning for our wards. Words are less to express our thanks to Deon’s teacher and school. Thanks a lot for all your efforts.”
  • “Thanks to Principal ma’am , Sangeeta ma’am and all banyan staff for taking care of our kids and cooperation. I am very thankful to Banyan team once again .”
  • “Lovely pics and great efforts by team Banyan and special thanks to Sangeeta ma’am and Principal ma’am . All set for new session. Last day of play class with lot many cuddly memories.”
  • “Great efforts by Banyan school team.”
  • “Kudos to the team Banyan Tree for their time, effort and patience with our kids .We will relish these moments.” 
  • “Superb! Kids will remember this fun and frolic day for sure and they are gonna miss you Veena ma’am. Thank you so much for all your efforts.”
  • “Good idea and great efforts ma’am. Peehu enjoyed a lot and was very happy with the activities done.”
  • “Great day organised by you ma’am .Thanks for making kids enthusiastic and energetic. Rivan was so happy and came home shouting that he enjoyed a lot. Ma’am your efforts and love will always be remembered. Thanks ma’am.”
  • “Thank you team Banyan tree for making our kids so happy today. They had a blast. Agastya was so thrilled, exhilarated and happy. Beyond words.” 
    M/o Agastya, Banyan Kids
  • “Love to see these little people having fun around the nature. That’s the activity’s all teaching means to this new generation. That’s one more good reason to be with your school.Good to see that people are happy. Rarely it happens but really really I want say one thing that what u cultivate that’s what u get. And I ultimately appreciate it school thoughts what so ever is behind is doing tremendous job in fact.
    I can’t think of any other school for my ward”.

    F/o Nischit, Class KG
  • “Amazing ,thanks for putting in so much effort and taking innovative ways to teach tiny tots.Very nice to see that our teachers are still there to cultivate and inculcating our culture in our kids.
    Thanks a lot for your continues effort for good upbringing of our nation’s future.”

    M/o Erazma, Class KG
  • “Fully satisfied with the functioning of the school and really appreciate the feedback given by the subject teachers.Every teacher is doing the work in a very sincere way.”
    M/o Aarthi Sriram, Class VI
  • “Ma’am you and teachers deserve appreciation. I am satisfied with the way my child is being taken care of in the school. It’s clearly visible that you are not putting focus on studies only but on the overall development of the child.”
  • “I really appreciate the tremendous effort you put into everything. The class room is decorated in such a manner that makes kid explore & learn in fun.”
  • “Superb! A lot of effort has been put to make the charts & art work… just so that students can have fun while learning and remember what they learn. We appreciate your time, effort 7 passion in educating the kids….thank you ma’am.”
  • “Great.. Kids are so much involved in it…’s always nice to see them enjoying their activities.”