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MUN Co-ordinators’ Message

Dear Delegates,

Just like it’s never too late to begin something new, the Banyan Tree family, feels extremely proud and energized to host the BTSMUN 2017-catalyst to cognizace.
With a lot of ups and downs and continuous days of hard work and teamwork, we intend to put up scintillating three days of conference, which shall impact each delegate positively.
Our belief moulds our though which gives birth to our words and result in our actions that bring about a change.

In these three days of conferencing, use the most powerful thing you own; POWER OF SPEECH, and be a catalyst to cognizance.

Find the problems in the system; get to the root of it, come up with the most outlandish ideas of revolution, pitch them with utmost conviction and be step closer to spreading peace.

It’s not about winning, it’s about learning something, and we at the BTSMUN 2017 promise you, that you won’t walk out empty hands. Maybe no trophies and medals for everyone, but shall all of you find yourself going back with more knowledge and confidence, memories and smiles./

The entire team has put in their best foot forward, to make this event memorable, and provide you with the best of our capabilities, yet we intend to improve.
This being our first MUN is extremely close to our hearts and its great deal for us, that you all are a part of it.

A very warm welcome to each one of you to three days of war of thoughts, overflowing knowledge, constructive criticisms, arguments, love, peace and empathy.

We hope that you all will be ray of hope, amidst all the darkness that is taking over. And lead to seek triumph in the best possible manner.

Walk on the road not taken, and make choices unprecedented.

Presenting, BTSMUN 2017-catalyst to cognizance!

Kritika Kaushal
MUN Co-ordinator