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Message from the Principal

Dear Delegates,

Cognizance; in itself is a heavy word that brings with it lot of responsibilities that you in this MUN have to shoulder.
In the present scenario, where all of us, including our leaders, are blinded by the darkness of the rising unjust practises that the world is being degraded by, we also look at the rising sun, that gives us a ray of hope; the youth!
The youth, with views as fresh as the new flower, and thoughts flexible, who are aware of the past and present, and foresee the future  are perfect to make changes, and accept them.

It is a matter of great pride for us to organise this conference, which gives a platform to numerous intellectual brains combined with futuristic visions, who believe in the power of speech and expression.

For the ones, who are limitless, who are fearless and want to touch the sky, and run past the horizon, we present BTSMUN 2017 – Catalyst to Cognizance.

It is an honour to host the first edition of BTSMUN, and we open-heartedly welcome you all, to display and perform to the best of your capabilities, learn something out of each moment, and make memories that shall last with you for a long time to come.
Dig in all the phenomenal ideas of revolution and say it with all deliberation, and capture all heights.
Make optimum use of this platform for extensive debating, and be a catalyst to cognizance…

Welcoming you all to BTSMUN 2017- Catalyst to Cognizance.

Best Wishes, 
Sudeshna Sharma