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Clubs offer students a platform to pursue their area of interest and subsequently showcase their creativity:

Passion Club – Passionate about art & craft, music, photography or cookery, onboard this club. Children present sketches, paintings, compositions, stills and recipes.

Peace & Politics Club – Understand the intricacies of economic and political relations among nations. Hone skills to participate in MUN and PDC. Develop and improve confidence, debating skills and leadership qualities.

Environment and Health Club – Those who have inclination to save earth from environmental degradation drive this club. Sensitize young minds about environmental issues.

Technology Club – Awaken the rational in you and delve into the reasons behind various natural phenomenon. Indulge in robotics and artificial intelligence, the sunrise areas of science and technology.

Cheer Club – Entertain the world around you and derive joy by making people happy. Convey messages, social and political through the powerful medium of drama. Communicate to your friends how strongly you feel about various issues by participating in debates.

Charity Club – Exhibiting craftsmanship by creating artifacts by making useful items. Improve sales skills by selling those products and generating funds for the poor and needy.