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About Our MUN

We believe in democratizing the availability of the Model United Nations experience, to engage all students in the combined process of problem solving and harmony building, and to encourage leadership and positive commitment through discussion and debating on the world’s most grave problems.

BTSMUN develops a belief that there is innate worth in bringing together diverse groups of students, across different cultures and vast geographic distances, in real time, for the process of gaining knowledge and laying the foundation for openness and understanding between people.We believe to commensurate effect of technology, and supports, work together and to promote human advancement, tolerance, and peace.

Being first timers for an inter school MUN, We at the Banyan Tree School are aiming at an extensively high debating quality. The best executive board is being invited to give the delegate a great feedback, so that anyone who comes here doesn’t leave without learning and improving.

The aim here is never to win, but to learn.
So let us all, make the debating count more than anything else.

There’s going to be laughter, joy, arguments, and there will be change. More than a change that you’ll discuss about, there will be a change in you. BTSMUN assures you to step out of the committee as a revolutionary, and each one of you a catalyst. Bubbling with energy and the zealous spirit of debating is what we’re aiming at. It’s the quality of debate, and the platform of learning which shall bring you all here. The entire organising committee has put in their heart and soul in presenting to you BTSMUN 2017 – Catalyst to Cognizance.

There are emotions added over efforts, and there is teamwork more than hardwork, to provide the delegates better than the best. A step towards creating yet another debating environment, BTSMUN 2017, looks at intricacy in research, and an outlandish approach.
Delegates, this is not the daily-joe thing, pull of your socks, and get-set-revolution!
Be the catalyst to cognizance!